Ebike kit in india Importing from Aliexpress

Ebike kit in india is a very expensive and you don’t get much option. I looked into some options and found that It will cost arround 23,000 to 34000. some of the them are

  1. Light speed kit – it is arround 23000 + tax(28%) – 30000
  2. edict for 30000 don’t know know the tax

But if you see assembled cycle it cost you less than a Kit!!! example elektron on amazon cost you 34000.

Light speed grayd cost you 30000. The tax 28% makes kit price greater than assembled cycle. There are other electric bicycles that cost more than 40000 but they are much basic versions. I don’t really want to spend money to get a basic version cycle as electric cycle. So I Prefer a  kit so that I can fit it on montra or fantom.

After a lot research decided to import from china through aliexpress. but shipping cost is more than kit!!! and custom duty is more than 30% on electric bicycle. So buying individual item seems best for low budget.

Here are some of the items  excluding display (we don’t need fancy display) and battery  using the offer on 11: 11 at aliexpress to buy at low cost

  1. PAS 12 magnet  – 550
  2. twist throttle  -550 9 (it has display + speed switch)
  3. Break leveler – 650
  4. Hub motor 350w – 7854
  5. BMS (for battery cells) -785
  6. Cell holder 372
  7. Nikkel strip 100
  8. charger 600
  9. Controller 750

I will update how I will assemble the kit after I get it